Banging the drum


It has taken forever, but at long last I have got around to creating and uploading a website almost entirely dedicated to myself and my books. This is unashamed self-promotion undertaken after much urging by my peers, colleagues and friends.

While I have been whispering in a corner of the room, others have been shouting about themselves and their creations from the rooftops, something that all writers need to do if they want to be read.

Thousands (yes, thousands) of books are uploaded into cyberspace every day. Those who get noticed among this massive throng are not necessarily the most talented, or even mildly readable, but those who shout the loudest.

So here is my “shout out” – about my crime fiction books (and other works), and also about myself as their author and as the chronicler of their hero, the reluctant sleuth Bromo Perkins.

And gathered into a blog, some random thoughts, musings and comments tossed into cyberspace as much for my own amusement as for anyone else’s. At least such ramblings and scribbles provide exercise for the brain, which is as important as physical activity in staving off the inevitable defects of ageing.

I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of Death Comes by Drone and have just finished reading it. What a tour de force! It is your best Bromo Perkins story yet. Greatly enjoyed it, congrats!  Dieter Martensen (reader, an unsolicited comment)